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Spike Wilner at Mezzrow, his new club in New York City (Photo: William Brown)

Spike Wilner Opens Second Venue in New York

There may be more fingers on one hand than musicians who have been able to function as proficient artists while simultaneously running a commercial jazz venue. But after op …  


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Horace Silver: In Pursuit
Published 9/13/1973

Horace Silver remembers a time years ago in a Boston hotel room when he wrote out the idea for a new tune on a cardboard bath mat. He doesn’t have to do that today, of course; the creative process has been augmented by the miniature tape recorder tha …  

Maynard Ferguson Looks Forward to New Leading Career
Published 10/3/1956

Dubbed “showboater,” “crowd pleaser” and “exhibitionist” for years, Maynard Ferguson, one of the most talked-about trumpet players of his generation, is today crashing the barrier of those accusations and finding himself on the threshold of a ne …  

Tony Williams: Two Decades of Drum Innovation
Published 11/1/1983

Tony Williams erupted onto the jazz scene in 1963 as a 17-year-old prodigy with a full-blown, volcanic style of drumming that would blow hard-bop tastiness out the door. Williams’ arrival was hailed with a great deal of fanfare. The week he came with …  

Freddy Cole: Melody Man
Published 7/1/2001

Freddy Cole is a singer and a pianist. Outside of a couple of showpieces he was compelled to compose by way of acknowledging and freeing himself from the looming presence of his famous brother, Nat Cole (“I’m Not My Brother, I’m Me” and “He Was The K …  

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