April 2014

Resistance & Brilliance
The P. Mauriat PMT-720 trumpet is the culmination of artist input received over the past three years since the release of the company’s 700 series, popularized by players such as Terell Stafford and John McNeil. The new horn offers a balance of brilliance and resistance and delivers a core-driven sound. It’s available in three finishes: unlacquered, matte lacquered and silver plate.
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Velvet Laser Beam
The Via Coro mouthpiece from Sopranoplanet produces a rich, vibrant tone that works equally well in large ensembles and small combos. Players have described it as “a velvet laser beam” because the sound is focused and rich at the same time. Blow softly and it is warm and soulful; push it a bit and it will sing; play it hard and it will light up a room.
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Flippin’ Stick Bag
Sabian’s Stick Flip is a stick bag that stands. The versatile Stick Flip starts out as a drumstick bag—then unzip, flip and it’s a drumstick holder. The transformation is quick and easy, with no snaps or special connections required. When the gig is over, the Stick Flip folds back into a stick bag and is ready for the next show. It is available in two color options.
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Spare the Neighbors
Denis Wick’s DW5582 trombone travel mute serves equally well as a general practice mute. It has an internal cork damper and thick neoprene pads that mute the sound to a barely audible tone. Trombonists will find it useful for last-minute warmups on the gig or practicing late at night without annoying the neighbors.
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Getting Kross
Korg’s Kross is a mobile workstation with audio/MIDI recording capabilities‚ AC or battery operation and a selection of cutting-edge, performance-ready sounds. The piano, electric piano and drum sounds are taken from some of Korg’s flagship instruments. The Kross is available with 61 keys or 88 fully weighted keys.
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