april 2016

Streamlined Reproduction
Yamaha’s Disklavier ENSPIRE piano offers an immersive new user experience. With three system variations (CL, ST and PRO) spanning 14 models ranging from 48-inch uprights to a 9-foot concert grand, Yamaha has given pianists more options. A streamlined design eliminates the control box of previous Disklavier models, and an intuitive app enables the reproducing piano to be controlled by Apple iOS and Android devices.
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Stand Tall
Drummer Peter Erskine was involved in the development of the Tama HC52F flat-base cymbal stand, which provides stability and versatility with a vintage look. New anti-vibration construction inside the tubes makes the Classic Stand extremely stable. And because it weighs only 3.2 pounds and folds down to 22 7/8 inches, the stand is easy to transport.
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Acoustic Clarity
D’Addario has added uncoated Nickel Bronze strings to its line of acoustic guitar strings. The new strings feature a combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped around a high-carbon NY steel core. The wrap helps give a guitar clarity, resonance and projection, as well as balance and harmonically rich overtones. Players can also expect improved tuning stability and higher break resistance. Nickel Bronze strings are available in extra light, custom light, light, light top/medium bottom and medium gauges.
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Command Center
The PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile is a USB 3.0 audio interface and studio command center that records at up to 192kHz and combines two digitally controlled XMAX Class A, solid-state mic preamps and premium Burr-Brown converters with 188dB of dynamic range. Easily expanded with PreSonus’ DigiMax DP88 professional eight-channel A/D/A converter with remote-controllable preamps, the Studio 192 Mobile provides a completely integrated, portable hardware and software solution for studio use and recording in the field.
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Transient Response
Mojave Audio’s MA-50 large-diaphragm transformer-less condenser microphone handles the fastest transients with ease, all the way up to 140dB. The microphone’s superior transient response and its ability to handle high SPLs make it well suited to capture vocal performances, voiceovers, acoustic instruments and percussion.
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