Reed Reserve
D’Addario Woodwinds’ Reserve soprano and tenor saxophone reeds feature seven strengths, ranging from 2.0 to 4.5, including a special 3.0+ (3.25) “quarter” strength. Each Reserve reed is made using D’Addario’s digital vamping process, which precisely measures and cuts every reed to tight tolerances.
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Quiet Cymbals
Zildjian’s L80 Low Volume cymbal is for drummers looking for a quieter sound without losing the feel of a Zildjian cymbal. Featuring a special pattern that’s combined with a proprietary alloy and given a matte finish, the L80 can be up to 80 percent quieter than a traditional cymbal. It’s suitable for practicing, lesson rooms and low-volume gigs.
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Active Reference Monitors
Pioneer Professional Audio has unveiled its BULIT line of active reference monitors. Offered in three models—BULIT5, BULIT6 and BULIT8—the monitors feature improved bass response, three types of inputs (XLR, TRS and RCA) and built-in equalization.
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Dark & Smoky
Jean Baptiste’s TP717 Merveille professional trumpet is a hand-assembled instrument designed to meet high standards of performance. The trumpet features a lightweight, hand-hammered bell and a large step bore that, along with its fast-taper bell, creates a dark, smoky tone suited for jazz.
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Clean Tone
Roland’s JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier is a 40-watt stereo amp featuring Roland’s “JC clean” tone and signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect. The JC-40 also includes evolved features such as enhanced onboard effects and a front-panel stereo input for stereo pedals, multi-effects and amp modelers.
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