Clear Notation
Steinberg Media Technologies has released its Dorico music notation software featuring a single-window user interface. Dorico offers versatile page layout options that place a focus on a smooth workflow. It provides flexible note input and editing functionality, including the ability to work entirely in open meter or to rebar existing music while maintaining clear and unambiguous notation.
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Classic Organ Behavior
Hammond’s XK-5 portable organ is a ground-up design that draws on original blueprints of the classic B-3. Innovations include a new sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of the electro-mechanical tonewheel generator and a custom keyboard action that duplicates the heft, bounce, key travel and multi-contact behavior of classic Hammond console organs.
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Portable Audio
Fishman’s new SA Performance Audio System is a powerful sound reinforcement solution in a portable package. It consists of the SA330x wide-dispersion modified line array speaker system, the SA Sub subwoofer and the SA Expand four-channel expander/mixer. Easily personalized for specific audio needs, the SA Performance Audio System is suitable for small- to medium-sized venues where full-frequency amplification is required.
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Tuning Up
BOSS has added four models to its lineup of electronic tuners: the Waza Craft TU-3W Chromatic Tuner, a special-edition pro pedal tuner for stompbox enthusiasts; the scaled-down TU-3S Chromatic Tuner for guitar and bass pedalboards; the TU-01 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner, suitable for guitar, bass and ukulele; and the TU-30 Tuner/Metronome, which delivers the main features of the company’s TU-80 tuner in an ultra-compact package.
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Strength & Dexterity
The MFX5 finger exerciser from Meideal is ideal for string players, horn players and keyboardists who want to increase strength and dexterity. It features a precise spring-structure design with a copper nut and screw that can be used to adjust the amount of physical force required to depress each finger button. Musicians can intensify their practice for specific fingers by employing the unit’s exclusive key-hold feature.
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