In Memoriam: Artists Pay Tribute to Manager Izumi Uchida
Posted 1/17/2014

Izumi Uchida, a creative businessperson whose management clients included jazz artists like bassist Linda Oh, trumpeter Ralph Alessi and pianist Dan Tepfer, died Jan. 6 in Manhattan.

Uchida’s company, Izumi Productions, provided management, booking and publicity services for its clients and also presented concerts.

“I was extremely lucky that Izumi agreed to work with me,” wrote Alessi in an email. “She not only took me on as an artist but was also the primary administrator for an organization that I run called School for Improvisational Music (SIM). She had an amazing exuberance for life and in particular music. In a thankless business such as artist management, she always did it with grace and aplomb. She loved working for SIM and completely believed in what we were doing. I still can’t believe she’s gone. So sad. We definitely need more Izumi Uchidas in this world.”

“I first met Izumi in early 2006,” wrote Tepfer in an email. “She was living in Poland at the time and was just starting out in jazz management. She struck me right away as totally genuine, with a deep passion for music. As we worked together over the last seven years, I got to know how generous, organized and smart she was, too. And as warm and often hilarious as she could be in person, she was also a tenacious negotiator, a powerful advocate for her artists. She was a petite woman from Japan who steadfastly followed her passion on two continents, and I was proud of the hard-earned success she found in recent years in NYC. She’ll be dearly missed by the many people whose lives she lifted.”

Donations in honor of Uchida can be made to School for Improvisational Music.


Izumi Uchida (Photo: John Guillemin)


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