Steinway & Sons Feature Jason Moran in New Concert Series
Posted 8/12/2014

Steinway & Sons has launched a new concert series called “Live from the Factory Floor,” which will take place quarterly in the company’s factory in New York City. The first concert in the series featured Steinway Artist Jason Moran.

The series’ aim is to bring together pianists who perform on Steinway pianos and the craftspeople who create them, including the 300 workers at the factory located in Astoria, Queens.

Pianist-composer Moran—who is also the artistic director for jazz at Washington, D.C.’s Kennedy Center—will release his ninth Blue Note album, All Rise: A Joyful Elegy For Fats Waller, a collaboration with vocalist Meshell Ndegeocello, on Sept. 16.

The Steinway concert provided Moran with a chance to meet with workers and obtain a deeper insight into the meticulous, handcrafted process that goes into building each Steinway instrument.

“Each one of these instruments has characteristics that are unlike the cousin that sits right next to it,” said Moran. “They are all from a family. They might look the same, but they talk differently.”

Michael Sweeney, president and chief executive officer at Steinway & Sons, echoed Moran’s comments. “Magic happens at our factory every day but none of us will forget our day with Jason,” he said. “Having our craftspeople and our artists come together is like a dramatic reunion of separated family members. It has long been our pleasure to bring all of these talented people together.”

Steinway has released a series of videos featuring Moran on its YouTube channel. In one video, Moran discusses the influence of seismic waves on his creative process and performs the tune “Antipode Blues.”

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Jason Moran (Photo: Clay Patrick McBride)


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