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Classic Interviews

Since 1934, DownBeat has served as the book of record for the jazz world. Following are some classic interviews from our archives.

Ornette Coleman: The First Beginning
Published 7/21/1960

In the recent fuss and furor over Ornette Coleman, a good many persons have been making hasty leaps … 

Bob Belden’s Spanish Key
Published 3/1/2011

It’s a sunny, spring day in May in midtown Manhattan that begins a week of recording. And everybody’ … 

Tommy Dorsey: Jazzman
Published 1/9/1957

Tommy Dorsey was one of jazz’s great liaisons with the outside world. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, … 

Art Blakey: Message Received
Published 5/11/1961

Art Blakey sat on the edge of the bed in a Detroit hotel room. Dressed only in a T-shirt and shorts, … 

Horace Silver: In Pursuit
Published 9/13/1973

Horace Silver remembers a time years ago in a Boston hotel room when he wrote out the idea for a new … 

Randy Brecker: Unlimited Capabilities
Published 1/31/1974

Trumpeter Randy Brecker has transcended the steps on the “musical bus” many times. Consider the … 

Maynard Ferguson Looks Forward to New Leading Career
Published 10/3/1956

Dubbed “showboater,” “crowd pleaser” and “exhibitionist” for years, Maynard Ferguson, one of th … 

Tony Williams: Two Decades of Drum Innovation
Published 11/1/1983

Tony Williams erupted onto the jazz scene in 1963 as a 17-year-old prodigy with a full-blown, volcan … 

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This archive lists the names of winners of DownBeat’s annual Readers Poll (dating back to 1936), annual Critics Poll (which was added in 1953) and the Hall of Fame.
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