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APRIL 2015

Brushing Up
The Split Brush from Vic Firth represents a new concept in the retractable wire brush. Created with two separate rows of medium-gauge wire, its two-tiered design helps produce a varied weighting of sound with different qualities of articulation. The retractable pull-rod includes a third crimp that offers the player an enhanced setting capability.
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‘Keytar’ Turns 30
Korg has debuted the RK-100S synth/controller to mark the 30th anniversary of the original RK-100 “keytar.” The RK-100S is equipped with a full palette of keyboard sounds from the built-in microKORG XL+ engine. In addition to a 37-note slim keyboard, a short ribbon controller on the neck and a long ribbon controller in front of the key bed are included.
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Stereo Interface
The Apogee Duet for iPad and Mac is a professional stereo audio interface, headphone amp and MIDI interface for iOS devices and Macintosh computers. It has two instrument outputs and two mic inputs with 75dB preamps that give you the freedom to record with any microphone. The mic preamps can also be bypassed for true professional line-level input.
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2-Mode Condenser
MXL Microphones’ CR20 Vocal Condenser Mic has a tube emulation switch that provides a tube sound on demand and then easily switches back to solid-state. The CR20 has a flat, natural frequency response with a smooth top, making it suitable for a range of voices and genres. In tube mode, it has a touch more warmth and character, but in both cases it captures vocals with detail and clarity thanks to its 22mm capsule and gold-sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm.
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Beat Box
LP’s Black Box cajon has a Baltic birch front plate that provides clear, distinct tones, while its smooth black matte finish gives a polished appearance. The handmade cajon features fixed internal snare wires and offers plenty of projection. With a footprint of 19 by 11 by 10 1/8 inches, the Black Box cajon fits easily into any live situation.
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