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2-Neck Soprano
P. Mauriat has completed its Le Bravo range of saxophones with the introduction of the 200S soprano model. The Le Bravo 200S comes with two necks—one straight and one curved—and features a yellow brass body with yellow brass keys to produce a consistently warm and centered tone. It has pearl key touches and leather pads with metal resonators.
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More Hand-Hammering
Sabian has remastered its HH line of cymbals, applying more hand-hammering. With a renewed focus on HH cymbal profiles, crashes sound thinner and more musical, rides are more traditional and complex, and hats deliver faster responses and warmer tone. As a bonus, Sabian has added O-Zone crashes and X-Celerator hats to the HH line.
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USB Twin
Universal Audio has released the Apollo Twin USB high-resolution desktop interface with real-time UAD processing for Windows-based recording systems using USB 3. With its ergonomic desktop design, rugged aluminum construction and front panel headphone and instrument connections, Apollo Twin USB lets Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users record in real time (at near-zero latency) through the full range of UAD powered plug-ins.
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Gadd on the Go
To celebrate Steve Gadd’s 70th birthday this year, Vic Firth has released the limited-edition Gadd Padd: a 3/16-inch-thick black silicon rubber practice pad mounted to a round 8-inch wooden base. The single-sided, non-skid pad is decorated with a commemorative 70th birthday logo and is designed for drummers on the go.
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Advanced Sound Engine
Korg’s Pa4X Professional Arranger series features the company’s advanced EDS-X sound engine and comes with more than 1,800 ready-to-play sounds, including classic and contemporary keyboards, band and orchestral instruments and other electronic and acoustic instruments. Models Pa4X 76 and Pa4X 61 feature semi-weighted keyboards that provide velocity sensitivity and aftertouch.
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