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December 2014

No Strain
Vandoren’s V-Neck series saxophone neckstraps are designed to distribute the weight of the instrument with no tension or strain on the player’s neck, reducing pain and fatigue. The “V” height adjuster allows for easy modifications, and the plastic-coated steel hook holds the saxophone securely while allowing for fast instrument switches. Available in two varieties, the V-Neck and the V-Neck Deluxe come in three sizes (S, M/L, XL). The V-Neck Deluxe has a neck cushion made from shape memory foam, perforated microfiber to cool the neck and a soft leather exterior. The V-Neck Deluxe also has inserts for heavier instruments such as tenor and baritone saxophone.
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Beat Box
LP’s Black Box cajon has a smooth black matte finish that gives it a polished appearance. Its Baltic birch front plate provides a clear sound, and fixed internal snare wires allow for plenty of projection and distinct snare tones. With a footprint of 19 inches by 11 inches by 1018 inches, the handmade cajon is easy to transport and fits into any percussionist’s setup.
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Keytar Control
Korg has introduced the RK-100S synth/controller to mark the 30th anniversary of the company’s original RK-100. It is equipped with a full palette of keyboard sounds from the built-in microKORG XL+ engine. In addition to its 37-note slim keyboard (as featured on the Korg MS-20 Mini), the RK-100S includes a short ribbon controller on the neck and a long ribbon controller in front of the key bed for adjusting parameters such as pitch and filter.
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Horn Protection
RBX series cases from Reunion Blues are now available for band instruments, including flute, clarinet, trumpet and alto saxophone. The cases are designed using the RBX Protection System, which features lightweight hardshell construction and a contoured molded-foam interior.
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Personal Mixes
Roland’s HS-5 Session Mixer is a digital interface designed for bands, vocal groups and other ensembles. It allows up to five musicians to rehearse or record together, with each individual having hands-on control of his or her own headphone mix. The HS-5 gives groups the ability to capture their performances to a USB flash drive or DAW software. It includes built-in amp modeling and effects.
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