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JULY 2015

Break with Tradition
The Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 B-flat clarinet mouthpiece from Vandoren has a unique chamber with a sound unlike traditional mouthpieces, offering players clarity, depth and presence. The BD5 is available in standard pitch, as well as the slightly lower-pitched 13 series.
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Warm & Dark
The DRK series from TRX is a redesign of one of the company’s original lines developed for players who desire warmer, darker, classic cymbal sounds without sacrificing the power and projection of contemporary styles. DRK cymbals are ultra-thin, featuring a natural finish with deep lathing and heavy hammering.
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Gig Bag Built for 2
The Dual Acoustic & Electric hybrid case from Mono is designed to carry one acoustic dreadnought guitar and one electric solidbody guitar. The case has patented features resulting in enhanced protection, optimal accessibility and reduced airline travel baggage.
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Symphonic ’Bone
Schilke has introduced the ST21 large-bore symphonic tenor trombone. The ST21 features a .547-inch bore and offers a fixed bell configuration with either a Schilke-designed rotary valve or Rene Hagmann free-flow valve. It is available with a choice of yellow or gold brass 8.5-inch hand-hammered bells.
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Drum/Percussion Isolator
Auralex’s HoverDeck V2 is the latest upgrade of the company’s ISO series drum and percussion platform. The HoverDeck V2 is engineered to reduce coloration from floor resonance by decoupling the drum kit or percussion setup from the stage or drum riser.
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