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Making The Cut
Debuting D’Addario’s new measurement and cutting technology are the Reserve B-flat clarinet reeds, Reserve Classic B-flat clarinet reeds and Reserve alto saxophone reeds. Suitable for the advancing student and professional, Reserve reeds are cut from the densest lower-internode cane for durability and consistency.
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Expandable Clip-Ons
IK Multimedia’s iKlip Xpand and iKlip Xpand Mini feature an expandable spring-loaded bracket design with rubberized gripping points that can be extended to safely hold a wide range of tablets and smartphones to a standard microphone stand pole or horizontal boom.
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Double Pedal
VHT’s easy-to-use Echo-Verb is a delay and reverb pedal with two completely independent sections. The delay section is entirely analog and features a decay control that simulates a vintage tape echo machine’s high-frequency roll-off. The pedal’s reverb section offers dwell, tone and mix controls.
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iPad Drumming
Simmons’ Stryke6 is an iPad controller that delivers a full drum kit playing experience. Equipped with six velocity-sensitive pads plus two foot pedals for kick and hi-hat control, the laptop-sized Stryke6 easily connects to an iPad via a free app. Or, connect by USB to any computer to trigger a variety of DAW applications and sample programs, including Garage Band, EZ Drummer, Logic and Abelton Live.
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Artist Flute
Altus Flutes has unveiled its limited-edition L907 Artist series flute, which is based on the company’s 907 model and features an engraved lip plate, crown and keys. The L907 has a .985 Britannia Silver headjoint, silver-plated body and mechanism, drawn toneholes and stainless steel springs. Only 50 of the engraved flutes will be available in the U.S. market.
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