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Distortion-Free Recording
Newly updated to handle up to 140dB SPL, Zoom’s H4n Pro Handy Recorder features advanced condenser microphones, high-performance mic preamps and a low noise floor. The H4n Pro delivers high-quality four-track audio recording for music, film and podcasting. Users can count on distortion-free X/Y recording even in loud environments.
More info: zoom-na.com

Reversible Hats
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Avedis Zildjian’s K Custom Hybrid line of cymbals, the company has launched a limited-edition pair of 14-inch K Custom Hybrid Reversible Hi-Hats. Unlike standard hi-hats, the Reversible Hi-Hats don’t have a designated “top” or “bottom” cymbal, so they are interchangeable. The Reversible Hi-Hats also feature reverse Mastersound edge hammering, which eliminates airlock where areas between hammer marks strike the other cymbal, creating a softer tone.
More info: zildjian.com

Small Wonder
Mojo Hand FX has released the Wonder Filter, which was inspired by the original Musitronics Mu-Tron III envelope filter frequently employed by Stevie Wonder. The refined pedal features a Mode selector switch, Notch Filter and a No Filter setting that offers preamp standalone boost capability. With a full-range Attack knob, the Wonder Filter offers users the ability to fine-tune a wider range of sounds and sensitivity by tweaking response in conjunction with the Gain knob. The pedal also adds a Boost knob and Mix control, a feature not typically found on envelope filters.
More info: mojohandfx.com

Aging Gracefully
Ibanez has introduced a line of acoustic guitars created through the wood-aging process known as torrefaction. The Artwood Vintage Thermo Aged models are offered in a variety of body styles, including dreadnought, grand concert and parlor, as well as a variety of woods, including mahogany and Sitka spruce.
More info: ibanez.com

Impact Upgrades
Nektar has announced the Impact LX49+, LX61+ and LX88+ USB MIDI controller keyboards. Based on the Impact LX49, LX61 and LX88, the upgraded models expand on Nektar DAW integration, delivering more features for supported DAWs and a more transparent workflow.
More info: nektartech.com

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