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September 2016 (Volume 82, Number 9)


Kenny Garret
Get Up & Dance
By Phillip Lutz
With his latest album release, Kenny Garrett has turned the notion of tribute on its head. Rather than dedicating songs to musicians, the 55-year-old globetrotting saxophonist tips his hat to the fans, proffering an explicit invitation for them to do their dance.


Carla Bley
The Trailblazer Still Burns
By Thomas Staudter
Throughout her long career as a pianist, composer and bandleader, Carla Bley has endeavored to let her musical artistry serve as an expression of her thinking and personhood, mostly eschewing the ego-driven cult of celebrity endemic in the entertainment business and instead sharing her time in the spotlight with her collaborators and co-conspirators on the bandstand.

Pedrito Martinez
Spiritual Journey
By Dan Ouellette
At 42, the handsome, Cuban-born batá virtuoso, champion conguero and dynamic vocalist looks like he’s in his mid-thirties. When he talks, he sounds like he’s in his mid-twenties, bubbling over with enthusiasm and emphasizing the word beautiful to refer to his life story and his rise as a bandleader. Indeed, Pedro Pablo “Pedrito” Martinez has come a long way since playing $1-per-month gigs in his homeland as a youngster.

Nels Cline
Bringing ‘Lovers’ to Life
By Ken Micallef
No one would figure Nels Cline, best known as the melody-looping guitar strangler from the rock band Wilco, as a romantic at heart. But the 60-year-old’s double CD/LP set Lovers (Blue Note) is a return to the torch of Frank Sinatra, the woodwinds of Esquivel and the sensuality of Bronislau Kaper’s soundtrack to BUtterfield 8—crossed with elements that are equally dark, furtive and unknowable.


Ehud Asherie
Naomi Moon Siegel
Todd Coolman
Sirius Quartet

Blindfold Test

Saxophonist George Coleman was tested on the following tracks for the “Blindfold Test”:
  • Houston Person: “The Second Time Around” from Something Personal (High Note)
  • Three’s Company: “Dark Eyes” from We’ll Be Together Again (Chesky)
  • Kenny Garrett: “Beyond The Wall” from Beyond The Wall (Impulse!)
  • JD Allen: “Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil” from Americana: Musings On Jazz And Blues (Savant)
  • Sonny Rollins: “Sonny, Please” from Sonny, Please (Doxy)
  • Archie Shepp Attica Blues Orchestra: “The Cry Of My People” from I Hear The Sound (Arch)
  • Joe Lovano: “Ghost Of A Chance” from Trio Fascination (Blue Note)
  • Reeds and Deeds: “Amsterdam After Dark” from Tenor Time (Criss Cross Jazz)

Also In This Issue

Angel “Papo” Vázquez’s 40th Anniversary Concert; Caught: Montreal Jazz Festival, Xalapa Jazz Festival, Tri-C Jazz Fest; Ted Nash’s Presidential Suite; European Scene; Mutual Musicians Foundation International Honor Black Musicians Unions; Jacob Collier; Indie Life: Cameron Graves, Russ Nolan, MoonJune Records; Keyboard School: Jeb Patton Master Class, Enoch Smith Jr. Pro Session, Dr. Lonnie Smith Solo Transcription; St. Francis Xavier University Jazz Program; plus Dozens of CD Reviews, Product Reviews and Much More!




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