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March 2012

Bissonette Beat
Vic Firth’s Gregg Bissonette “Backbeat” Signature stick features a hickory 5B shaft with a front-end loaded neck and tip for a full sound on the bell of a ride. Slip-resistant Vic Grip provides a strong hold for a confident backbeat and big drum sounds.
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Wireless Wonder
The Nady U-800 wireless system features a 120dB dynamic range. The 800 channels ensure interference-free operation anywhere with open frequencies selectable either manually or with the convenient Autoscan. The ASC infrared link syncs the selected channel between the receiver and transmitter.
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Keys on the Move
Line 6 has released its Mobile Keys premium keyboard controllers for iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. Mobile Keys 25 and Mobile Keys 49 are a pair of lightweight portable keyboards designed to control iOS music apps and perform double duty as USB MIDI controllers for Mac and Windows computers. Both models have full-size keys and solid keyboard action.
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Quick Fix
Rotosound’s spring-loaded guitar capo is designed to be used with one hand for quick changes during performances. Made from magnesium alloy, the capo is lightweight and is easily applied and removed. Once squeezed into position, the capo stays firmly in place.
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American Masters
Planet Waves’ custom-designed American Stage cables feature In-Out technology for optimum signal transparency, inline solder joints for conductivity and strength and a patented Geo-Tip design for improved fit in all jacks. The cable’s 22AWG oxygen-free copper center provides enhanced signal transfer.
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