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July 2012

Patriotic Percussion
Latin Percussion has unveiled the Americana cajon series. Manufactured entirely in the United States, Americana cajons are constructed using hand-selected, 11-ply, plantation-grown Baltic birch, selected for its durability and resonance. The series features three handmade models.
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Instant Wireless
Sennheiser has debuted the SKP 300 G3 plug-on transmitter, which quickly converts any conventional cabled microphone into a wireless version. The transmitter also supplies the phantom power required by condenser microphones.
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Uke Update
Lâg Guitars has expanded its ukulele lineup. Ukes in Lâg’s 44 series feature a mahogany top, back and sides and are outfitted in a French satin finish. Lâg’s 77 series instruments (pictured) are constructed with a mahogany top, back and sides and are accented with black and ivory bindings.
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Band Standout
Schilke has made improvements to its ST20 Hagmann Valve Large Bore Symphonic tenor trombone. Hand slides are available with a choice of two different end bow alloys and bore sizes. Main tuning slide options include two shapes (square or round) and two materials (yellow or rose brass).
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In Stitches
Levy’s Leathers has released its new stitching design guitar straps. The straps use soft garment leather, foam padding and suede backing. Six original stitching designs—including yin-yang (pictured)—are available in tan or black.
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