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OCTOber 2012

Strike a Chord
Casio’s Privia PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850 (pictured) digital pianos offer an enhanced keyboard and a powerful sound engine in a lightweight and stylish design. All four models feature a redesigned 88-note Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, which reproduces the touch feeling of an acoustic piano. Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), delivers more than three times the waveform memory of the previous generation and compensates for the way hammers strike strings at different velocities and key ranges on an acoustic piano. The Privia line is available in a variety of colors and finishes.
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Shaw’s Piece
RS Berkeley and Greg Black Mouthpieces have unveiled the Woody Shaw Legends series trumpet mouthpiece. A replica of one of Shaw’s preferred mouthpieces, it features silver plating, a 0.62-inch inner rim, a medium-deep bowl, a #26 bore (.147 inches/3.73mm) and a semi-flat rim contour.
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Alternate Tuning
D’Addario created its new Helicore Fourths-Tuning cello string set for bass tuning: E, A, D, G (low to high). The bass tuning allows for new possibilities in alternative cello playing, as well as a way for bass and guitar players to adapt to the cello quickly. The strings have a rich, powerful tone that delivers clarity and balance across all notes.
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Saved by Boogers
Gorilla Snot is a naturally sticky substance created to help drummers and guitarists improve their grip on sticks, mallets and picks. It also helps reduce cramping and muscle fatigue. A touch of Gorilla Snot on your thumb and index finger is all it takes to make a big difference, and it works whether your hands are completely dry or already perspiring. Once applied, Gorilla Snot dries quickly, forming a tacky surface that is moisture-resistant.
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Watertight Cases
Gator Cases recently added a new line of waterproof, injection-molded microphone cases. Available in two sizes, the cases provide heavy-duty protection and security for up to six or 16 handheld microphones. They feature a waterproof and dust-proof seal with IP 67 and Mil-STD-810F immersion test certifications.
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