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March 2013

Workstation Simplified
With an 88-note graded hammer-weighted action and more than 800 presets, the Kurzweil SP5-8 offers the high-end sound palette of a professional workstation combined with the easy workflow and simplicity of a digital stage piano. It includes an assortment of quality piano sounds as well as the renowned Kurzweil string sections, plus orchestral, brass, winds, percussion, drums, guitar and bass presets.
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Ribbon Sensitivity
Designed to capture acoustic instruments, Royer Labs’ SF-2 active ribbon microphone is a phantom-powered version of the company’s original SF-1. The SF-2 has an output level of –38dB, putting its sensitivity on par with that of phantom-powered condenser microphones and enabling the mic to be used with a variety of preamps.
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No F# Needed
P. Mauriat has released a version of its System-76 tenor saxophone without the high F# key, in response to requests from professional players. Removing the high F# tone hole from the new System-76TULF allows the horn’s nodal points to sit in a different place, as they did on vintage instruments made in the years before high F# keys were common. The straight-tone-hole tenor is made from yellow brass and is unlacquered.
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Authentic Latin Timbre
Pearl has launched a line of Horacio Hernandez Signature series cowbells. Their authentic Latin timbre is ideal for ensembles and drum sets. The Signature bells feature flat or curved playing surfaces that produce the same tone but offer the option of striking the bell directly (facing in) or on the side (timbale-style). Each bell is finished in plated copper.
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Surface-Mounting Tremolo
Floyd Rose has rolled out a new surface-mounting FRX Tremolo System for Les Paul, SG and Flying V-style guitars. The FRX is a direct swap for the Tune-O-Matic bridge system, using the existing mounting stud holes and requiring no routing. The locking nut is a truss rod cover-and-nut hybrid that swaps with the original nut and cover.
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