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May 2013

2 Metheny Axes
The longtime relationship between Pat Metheny and Ibanez has yielded two new guitars. Players can expect a premium, full tone from the made-in-Japan PM200 NT (pictured), which features a 16.5-inch-wide maple body, custom-made Silent 58 pickups and a fine-grain ebony fretboard. For working musicians and serious students of jazz guitar, the PM2AA is the Metheny version of the company’s Artstar line, featuring an all-maple body and the Ibanez Super 58 jazz pickup.
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Going Up to 11
Avid has released Pro Tools 11, the latest version of its digital audio workstation. The upgrade features high-powered audio and video engines, 64-bit architecture, expanded metering and direct HD video workflows. A redesigned architecture allows for increased plug-in processing as well as the ability to run more virtual instruments. The built-in video engine enables audio post professionals to play and edit a wide range of HD video formats.
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Updated & Upgraded
Drum Workshop has upgraded its flagship line of 9000 bass drum pedals. Among the improvements are a Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp that securely anchors the pedal to a variety of bass drum counterhoop sizes, an EZ-Adjust Infinite Cam that lets drummers change from an Accelerator to Turbo cam with the twist of a drum key, and a non-skid rubber pad under the base plate.
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Dig In
The Gold Digger from Radial Engineering gives studio engineers the ability to quickly compare and select the best-sounding microphone to suit the character
of a particular voice. It features
four radio-style switches that can
be used to activate each microphone one at a time.
Phantom power (48 volts) is generated and managed inside
the unit to ensure switching between mics will be quiet
and pop-free.

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Reed Launch
Gonzalez Reeds has launched the Classic line for all wind instruments, the Jazz line for alto and tenor saxophone, and the GD line (pictured) for B-flat clarinet. The Classic reeds feature a thin tip balanced with a thicker heel to create a pure sound suitable for classical and traditional playing. The Jazz reeds—also called Local 627 for the famed musicians’ union that was home to Charlie Parker—have a thicker tip and flexible palette that makes them more dynamic and versatile. GD reeds have a thicker tip and a longer palette that results in a deeper, richer sound with pronounced body in the attack.
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