Dee Dee Bridgewater returned to live performing in Rome, with a few butterflies and a beautiful set.

(Photo: Roberto Manzi)

Dee Dee Bridgewater Returns to Rome

On a warm July night in central Rome, Dee Dee Bridgewater, wearing a long, floral print dress and broad-rimmed, dark green hat, stepped onto the outdoor stage of the Casa del…

Tim Hagans Blindfold Test


Tobias Meinhart

The Painter
(Sunnyside Records)

Clovis Nicolas
(Sunnyside Records)

Chris Schlarb/Chad Taylor
Time No Changes
(Astral Spirits)

Mike Wade
The Nasty NATI Brass Band


Cecilie Strange

(April Records)

Denny Zeitlin/George Marsh

Joshua Abrams/Chad Taylor
Mind Maintenance
(Drag City)


Lena Horne

(Photo: DownBeat Archives)

Lena Horne: The Horne Of Plenty

Somewhere in the background, by the piano in the living room, Lennie Hayton sat with coffee in hand, filling the air with that pregnant, Van Dyked Lennie Hayton brand of dignified silence. In the smaller music room Lena, quiet and conservative in the black-and-white outfit with the white turban hat, toyed with her coffee and talked, never too quietly nor too conservatively, of music and children and acting and singing and how life had been for her in this past propitious year.

Lena Horne and New York are in love. For the first time in her adult life…

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Carla Bley
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