Maria Schneider said of Decades, her new compilation release: ​“I just wanted to create something, put it in a beautiful box and say, ‘Look at what we did.‘”

(Photo: Briene Lermitte)

Maria Schneider: A Boxful of Treasure

Maria Schneider opened the sleek black box and placed it on a coffee table in her Manhattan apartment. Inside lay the three vinyl LPs of Decades, her new compilation release, each…

Taylor Eigsti’s Puzzle Mastery


Miguel Zenón

Música de Las Américas

Jon Irabagon
Rising Sun

Brian Charette
(Cellar Live)

Harish Raghavan
In Tense


Nicola Caminiti

Vivid Tales Of A Blurry Self-Portrait
(Independent Release)

Mike Holober & The Gotham Jazz Orchestra
This Rock We’re On: Imaginary Letters

Jihye Lee Orchestra
Infinite Connections

Koppel Blade Koppel
Time Again
(Cowbell Music)


Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler: The Truth Is Marching In

In a restaurant-bar in Greenwich Village, tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler was ruminating on the disparity between renown and income. In his case, anyway. Covers of his albums are prominent in the windows of more and more jazz record stores; references to him are increasingly frequent in jazz magazines, here and abroad; a growing number of players are trying to sound like him.

“I’m a new star, according to a magazine in England,” Ayler said, “and I don’t even have fare to England. Record royalties? I never see any. Oh, maybe I’ll get $50…

Growing Up Monk

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